Getting your evidence can be time consuming and tricky. If the information is out there. You just need someone to find it.

101 Things a Private Investigator can do for you.



  1. Use lawful Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and old-fashioned leg-work.
  2. Find a current address.
  3. Find historical addresses.
  4. Find a date of birth.
  5. Identify known aliases.
  6. Locate and Serve your respondent with your court documents.
  7. Locate birth records.
  8. Property pre-purchase enquiries.
  9. Locate death records.
  10. Locate marriage records.
  11. Locate divorce filings.
  12. Locate a beneficiary for probate proceedings.
  13. Research current and/or historical property holdings.
  14. Identify mortgage information.
  15. Research your subject’s family members.
  16. Research your subject’s associates.
  17. Determine current market value of property.
  18. Locate bankruptcy filings and CCJs.
  19. Uncover improper relationships.
  20. Locate civil lawsuits.
  21. Provide independent analysis.
  22. Discover information about criminal activity.
  23. Provide peace of mind.
  24. Locate home phone numbers.
  25. Research a prospective business partner.
  26. Research a prospective life partner.
  27. Identify owner of some phone numbers.
  28. Determine owners of companies.
  29. Locate current or former executives.
  30. Interview current or former executives.
  31. Help determine if your child’s nanny is suitable.
  32. Research familial history.
  33. Join the dots.
  34. Help determine if your aged relative’s care home is suitable.
  35. Find who owns a boat.
  36. Be a mystery shopper.
  37. Find aircraft registrations.
  38. Search for hidden assets.
  39. Help you trace your ancestry.
  40. Conduct business intelligence.
  41. Discreet intelligence gathering.
  42. Determine connections between individuals.
  43. Locate some bank account information.
  44. Install hidden cameras to identify thieves in a workplace.
  45. Locate current or former employees of a company.
  46. Interview current or former employees of a company.
  47. Show you the big picture.
  48. Sweep an office for listening devices.
  49. Sweep a home for listening devices.
  50. Sweep a car for listening devices.
  51. Locate probate records.
  52. Identify foreign assets.
  53. Locate regulatory records.
  54. Identify professional licenses.
  55. Help discover prior disciplinary records for some professionals.
  56. Research expert witnesses.
  57. Interview industry sources.
  58. Gather intelligence.
  59. Identify related party business transactions.
  60. Knock on doors.
  61. Submit FOIA requests to government agencies.
  62. Find a vehicle owner after an accident.
  63. Determine current market value of motor vehicles.
  64. Analyse documents for potential fraud.
  65. Identify Risks.
  66. Identify corporate relationships.
  67. Locate a child unlawfully taken by a parent.
  68. Give you a competitive advantage.
  69. Foreign corporation research.
  70. Help you manage sensitive situations.
  71. Overseas litigation research.
  72. Find facts.
  73. Liaise with trusted overseas investigators.
  74. Identify online networking profiles.
  75. Locate historical video or news footage.
  76. Conduct historical newspaper research.
  77. Conduct mobile or stationary surveillance.
  78. Supply comprehensive surveillance reports including documentary evidence and date stamped photographs.
  79. Conduct a polygraph test.
  80. Find undisclosed associations.
  81. Tell you the general location of a computer.
  82. Locate a missing person.
  83. Serve a summons, Non Molestation order, Bankruptcy petition, N39, notice to quit, Statutory Demand, foreign process, etc.
  84. Make international enquiries.
  85. Identify and confirm education history.
  86. Identify and confirm previous employment history.
  87. Scour the “deep web” Internet.
  88. Research presence on social networks or message boards.
  89. Attend court and give evidence.
  90. Matrimonial investigations.
  91. Verify military service.
  92. Follow a vehicle in real time.
  93. Discover if a person is worth suing.
  94. Supply a status report.
  95. Injury investigations.
  96. Traffic collision reports.
  97. Tell you which country a phone is located in.
  98. Tell you when and where a digital photograph was taken.
  99. Conduct house-to-house enquiries.
  100. Find a vital witness and obtain a statement for court.
  101. Make you look really smart.



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