Published Articles

March 2016

"Hyperion Investigations was extraordinarily impressive in tracking down an individual, provided with only scarce information from over twenty years ago, under an extremely tight deadline. Strongly recommended and I will certainly be using them again. 

Jonathan, Solicitor"

From South East Solutions, Insurance investigators:

"... I have just QA’d the investigation and locus reports for the above case and wanted to express my thanks and those of the team here for an excellent standard of work.

It is refreshing to read a quality report and particularly the level of detail.

Thanks for your efforts"


(South East Solutions Limited).

March 2018

I am very impressed how Hyperion Investigations managed to track the debtor so quickly, in fact within 24 hours. This was something the High Court Sheriffs were unable to do and your information has now been passed to them for recovery of the debt.

Stephen Bolsom
Managing Director
Sidney Bolsom Investment Trust Limited



From Edwin Coe LLP Solicitors:

“I have worked with Michael on a Probate matter regarding a deceased who had no friends to provide information about him and no documentary evidence to help us locate his assets. Michael has done an amazing job locating the deceased’s assets and I would certainly use him again! I can describe Michael as extremely thorough, efficient and a real pleasure to deal with. On top of that, the client was very happy with the produced report and the reasonable pricing options.”



Ekaterina Vagner

Associate | Private Client

For Edwin Coe LLP

From Levenes LLP Solicitors:

"Thank you for all your efficient and effective investigative work and Process Service over the recent months. I have no hesitation in recommending you to my colleagues for your professionalism and tenacity."


Ms Birgul Erbil, Solicitor

Head of Family Law Department

Levenes Solicitors

From EBR ATTERIDGE LLP Solicitors:

"....... thank you for your excellent and efficient work. I have given your details to my colleagues and told them they can rely on your effectiveness. Pleasure to work with such a professional company." 



Chandrakant Solanki, Solicitor

EBR Attridge Solicitors, Tottenham, London.