To obtain the evidence you need, we can follow an individual and/or a vehicle.

Whether they are suspected colleagues or employees, insurance or business fraudsters, or a cheating partner, we can supply the evidence you require.

We understand that confidentiality is paramount in sensitive surveillance matters. 

The fact that you are initiating enquiries will be kept 

strictly confidential.

You will receive documentary and/or photographic or video evidence.

You will be supplied with a comprehensive report of all relevant observations.


The procedure in summary:

1. You supply as much detail as possible about the subject, and instruct us. 

2. Some payment will be taken. (See “Terms and conditions”)

3. Surveillance will be carried out.

4. Verbal reports will be supplied at agreed intervals to suit you or your client

5. A full report and invoice will be supplied with all required information.

6. We can attend court to provide evidence if requested.

Please note that we only work ethically and within the law. This means that you remain 
legally safe when you use our surveillance services. Any evidence we obtain is admissible in 
a court.


Please call us on 07591946334