Background Checks

Pre-Tenancy Checks

Working for residential landlords and with the permission of the prospective tenant, we carry out a series of checks to confirm;

That tenant references are legitimate.

That there are no outstanding issues with their previous Landlord.

That they are able to pay the rent.


Property Pre-Purchase Local Enquiry Report  -  For CONVEYANCERS and PRIVATE CLIENTS

After all the standard conveyance checks, do you still have nagging worries about the property you are thinking of buying?  

Commission an in-depth Property Pre-Purchase Local Enquiry Report

 For further information on this service please contact us on 07591 946 334.


Pre-Employment Investigations

Are you interviewing candidates for a key role? As a condition of employment you can obtain the candidate’s written consent to verify their claims. We can then make all relevant enquiries to confirm the information detailed in the job application.


Current Employee Investigation

Do you suspect that your employee is stealing from you or defrauding your company?

We can employ several tactics to discreetly confirm or deny your suspicions.

Pre-Sue Status Report Enquiries

Are you considering suing someone? Do they owe you money? Do you seek damages for some wrong?

There may be little point if the person has no wealth.

We have access to various databases and are able to offer discreet company and personal status reports.

With your consent we can send an agent to visit any properties and supply photographs and a description of any assets seen. Ownership of any observed assets can then be clarified.

If you wish it, we can then meet with the debtor and question them to establish the reason for non payment of debts to build up a picture of their current financial status.

Even if the subject is uncooperative, our enquiries and observations can still significantly add to the picture of their ability to pay you.

This will enable you to ascertain if it is worth pursuing the individual.

It is possible that during our investigations we will establish other persons who may be held responsible for the debt, who are in a better financial position and therefore a better person for you to pursue.  

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